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Yet mainstream legal academics have often greeted it with ambivalence.

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Perhaps this is some weird mating call between members to let them know they want to get some “points” with the other person, and if they quack back, they meet up somewhere to “score.” The two I caught in the copier room I have heard “quacking” before. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to write you because of how weird this seems (plus I was a little embarrassed). As I mentioned above, they weren’t on the clock when this happened, they’re all adults, and technically I broke a rule by entering the copier room when it was locked, and would have never caught them if I had obeyed that rule.The only company rule I can think of that these two broke is using the copier room for other purposes, preventing someone else from using it. The bad news is that I think you’re really, really off-base in how you’re looking at this.But before doing that — and in fact, possibly before talking to the two employees who you caught in the act — you need to talk to your own manager about all of this.This is messed up enough that any good manager would want to know about it and have input into how it’s being handled (or at least be in the loop about how it’s being handled).I am about 10 years older than all of my employees.We have a great team and great working relationships.We have an understanding that you can go or do anything on your lunch that you want, as long as you’re back after an hour.Also, as you mentioned in your answer last week to the person who overheard their coworker involved in “adult activities,” these people are adults and old enough to make their own choices. That same day, after my team had left, I was wrapping up and putting a meeting agenda on each of their desks for our meeting the next day.

This is people having sex in the office while people around them are working. It doesn’t matter if they were on a break or that the door was locked and you weren’t supposed to walk in.

And it’s perfectly acceptable to take people to task — or you know, fire them — for .

(Or outside of work hours, for that matter, but it’s particularly egregious that it was during work hours, with people around.) You’ve got to talk to them, and very soon.

But part of your job as a manager is to shape your culture and your team’s understanding of professionalism.

If it’s turned into a sex club, that’s a sign that you need to revisit all of this.