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As if he had sensed they were looking at him, Jacen turned, and seeing Tom and Leslie watching him, he waved briefly. The crowd cheered, and Tom figured for whatever reason the bleach blonde was going to be the winner again. a big round of applause for the virgin of the night...

Ann." The guys along the rail seemed to sag, as if they did not expect any sort of show. She hesitated, and there were some hoots and whistles.

01 By Rogue Alan Recession Blues: Wife Forced to Strip Original story: Stormbringer 'Novelization': Rogue Alan I have been enjoying Stormbringer's stories for years.

'Welcome to the Neighborhood' is a personal favorite. I hope any of you who have not read his work before will take time to look him up here on Lit Erotica and read some of his stories. Recession Blues (SKIP to avoid SPOILER) Synopsis: A married couple having financial difficulties consider the possibilities of having the wife strip for a living after she wins an amateur night contest at a strip club. The aggressive client- Settings: A bedroom, kitchen or dining room table, stage with a pole for stripping, Table in the club with a view of the stage, a lap dance area, the entrance to the club both inside and outside, and a parking lot with a car.

"We're just here to check the place out," she said, mostly to herself, though Tom nodded his agreement. Ann did not seem aware of the attention, as she eyed the larger, more explicit photos high on the walls of the big entry hall.

" As the music started, a heavy bass beat and a fast tempo, Ann began to shimmy her hips, moving along the edge of the stage, her arms over her head, shoulders moving, which set her breasts swaying."I didn't think she would do it," he told the owner honestly, "I'm Tom." "That's what Ann said," the owner nodded, "I'm Leslie." Tom blinked and the owner laughed, "I know, my father must have hated me. my friends call me Les." Tom nodded, picking up the new bottle a scantily clad waitress had dropped off at the table without really stopping."Don't worry about your wife," Leslie was saying, "Nobody messes with my girls."At least it's clean," he paused, "Looks like a decent enough place." The only strip joints he had ever been toa couple bachelor partieshad been real shit holes. Like the inside bouncer, he had been alerted to a particularly tasty visitor by Jacen's statement.Behind the couple, the next group entering held the door wide enough for the club owner to see Jacen looking inside.Jacen over there," he nodded and Tom's eyes tracked, seeing the big bouncer who had let them into the club, "He's a cop and he knows how to handle the roughest customer.